Harold's Story

My name is Harold and this is my story

My first hip surgery in 2006 was a successful operation which I paid for, and I recovered well, but 2 years later in 2008 I knew all was not so

In May (Friday 13th) I had a revision with surgery lasting about Six and a half hours

All appeared well on the X rays and I went home with a list of exercises to do

I found these more and more difficult and the implant felt strange.

After about a month I returned to my surgeon and found that due to the trauma that my Femur suffered it had cracked and the implant was Telescoping in and out of the bone

I was readmitted on June 17 and had another hip revision about Four and a half hours of surgery this time

It has now been about 7 months and it seems a slow road to full recovery but hopefully this will be the last





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