Penny HodgsonPenny's Story

In the summer of 2006, I had both of my hips replaced within 3 weeks of each other due to osteoarthritis. I was only 44 at the time of the operation so I was given DePuy ASR hip replacements due to my active lifestyle (I'm a rare breed cattle farmer) and age. Everything was fine for the first year, but then I started to get increasing amounts of pain in my right hip...

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Carol Holland's Story

At the age of 55 osteo-arthritis had curtailed the more active side of my life so I was highly delighted with my new hip when it was fitted in March 2007; I was even playing badminton again by Christmas...

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Steve's Story

In 2009 I was suffering pain in both my hips and was told I would need to have them both replaced.

As my left hip was the more painful, I decided to have it done first and it was replaced in December 2009. At first I seemed to be recovering well and returned to work after a few months...

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Harold's Story

My name is Harold and this is my story.

My first hip surgery in 2006 was a successful operation which I paid for, and I recovered well, but 2 years later in 2008 I knew all was not so.

In May (Friday 13th) I had a revision with surgery lasting about Six and a half hours...

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A. Jones Story

Where do I begin? I am female and have arthritis. In 2005 I had both my hips replaced with metal on metal. I would be able to "put my ankles behind my ears" and they would last much longer. So far so good. Roll on four years. I began to experience some pain in my right hip...

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