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The group has grown so much since its first meeting in February 2011, and if I had known how it would evolve, I may have been more cautious about volunteering to get it up and running! It is a sad reflection that so many of us have been affected by Metal on Metal hips, but there is strength in numbers both in supporting each other and getting our voices heard. The group is here for all of you, so if you need help or advice, do contact us and if we cannot help you it is very likely there will be someone in the group who can.

Last Meeting There were many new members at the last meeting, resulting in some problems with seating and delays getting in. Apologies for this, but we will be ready for you next time!

The website was unveiled, which I hope you agree looks good and is easy to access. We will continue to add to it, but do use the links too which provide lots of further information. For those of you not on the internet, if you cannot get to see the site on someone else’s computer, please let us know and we will send you a printed copy. Many thanks go to Carol Holland, Stephen Walker and Pryers Solicitors for all their hard work in creating the website.

Paula Clark from Highthorn Physiotherapy Clinic Ltd gave a useful talk on the importance of Physiotherapy before as well as after revision. It became apparent that members had received very variable physiotherapy depending on when and where they had their surgery.

Posters We now have some posters with all the up to date information about the Group and the website. These will go direct to the GP surgeries in our districts, but let us know if you'd like some so that they can be taken to put up in your local library, for example.

Up to date information. If you hear of something which you think may be of interest to the group, please do let us know. Whether it is a newspaper article, recent research, something in the media, or a useful website, please contact us so we can inform everyone.

It’s not just ASR anymore! Richard Starkie at Pryers Solicitors informs me that there is now sufficient compelling evidence that other Metal on Metal hip replacements are causing problems too, so they will now be representing clients who have Pinnacle implants

Questionnaire I hope by now that many of you will have completed Pauline McCormack’s questionnaire. If not, and you need reminding of the link, it is

I also recommend their website: Pauline and some of our group members have been to London to a meeting at the Institute of Mechanical Engineers to present the “human” repercussions of design flaws and lack of regulation with implants. It is hoped we will get some feedback from this at the next meeting.

And finally………….please do contribute to this newsletter. If you have any amusing stories about things which have happened to you because of your hips, let us know, we need to keep our sense of humour!


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