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This is a support group for people with ASR hip joints, run by people with ASR hip joints.

Our group was set up in February 2011 by an ASR patient, Penny Hodgson, as she noticed that there was no organisation in place for ASR patients to share their experiences.

On the following pages you'll find information that we have personally found helpful in understanding our predicament. You'll also be able to read other's personal accounts and, hopefully, use their experiences for your own benefit.

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People have joined us from all over the UK and we try to keep in touch with everyone, mainly through the internet, to let members know about topics of interest - such as media coverage and research.

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What People Say...

"In February 2011 I happened to notice a small advert in a very local paper inviting people with ASR hips to come to a meeting in York. If it wasn't for the fact that my husband was away on business and my son encouraged me, I might never have gone. As it turned out, it was one of the most valuable mornings I have ever spent; it was certainly an eye-opener."

"So grateful to have this connection; to realise you're not alone, to share experiences is, I think, very valuable and almost therapeutic"

"If it hadn't been for the Support Group, I don't think I would have realised the seriousness of my situation and I can't imagine how much more unseen damage would have occurred."

"It has been helpful since the trouble started with the Depuy Hips. It has been reassuring that our group as grown from strength to strength and nice to know we can support each other. Thank you."

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Latest News...

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The group has grown so much since its first meeting in February 2011, and if I had known how it would evolve, I may have been more cautious about volunteering to get it up and running! It is a sad reflection that so many of us have been affected by Metal on Metal hips, but there is strength in numbers both in supporting each other and getting our voices heard. The group is here for all of you, so if you need help or advice, do contact us and if we cannot help you it is very likely there will be someone in the group who can...

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How do I know if I have been fitted with an ASR?

What should I do if I have been fitted with an ASR?

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